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  • Baking Lame in-hand
    £34.99 Exc. Tax

    A heavy duty lame for scoring dough.

    This lame is the brainchild of Wayne Caddy and Campbell.

    The lame is constructed from stainless steel and is surprisingly lightweight due to its uniquely designed handle to reduce weight and improve grip. The lame is feather-light to hold and control.

    The lame has a unique lock-in system, which ensures your blade will not dislodge during dough scoring. Additionally, the blade can be easily changed using the screw.

    The build quality and sturdiness of the stainless steel construction assure that this lame will last a lifetime.

  • Oval Cane BannetonOval Cane Banneton - side
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    £14.00 Exc. Tax

    Oval hand-made Bannetons to assist with dough proofing. The oval form helps to support the dough as it rises. The gentle grooves help to imprint the dough and add texture.

  • Active Instant Yeast - Saf-LevureInstant yeast granules
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    Quality French Saf-Levure instant yeast for rising dough.

    • Popular and proven bread yeast.
    • Long shelf life.
    • Mix well with water prior to mixing with flour.
    • Simple to use.
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