Halen Môn Sea Salt, 100g


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Halen Môn sea salt for Sourdough in a 100g pouch.

Pack a fresh and tasty punch with salt derived from the sea waters of Anglesey.

  • Unwashed for higher mineral levels.
  • High magnesium sulphate (MgSO4) compared to other rinsed salts (to aid yeast growth during fermentation).
  • Developed by The Sourdough School and Halen Môn, UK.
  • Hand-harvested salt.
  • Supports and aids dough fermentation.

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Salt is a key way to add flavour to sourdough bread. Additionally, it enhances the gluten network. This sea salt is rich in micro minerals (zinc, potassium, and iodine).

This Halen Môn Sea Salt has been perfectly developed for sourdough bread bakers. Furthermore, it has not been exposed to chemicals or other additives.

Not only does this salt improve the flavour of bread, it intensifies it. The salt works to aid gluten development, a key part of yeast and sourdough fermentation.

The salt also acts as a natural preservative to lengthen the shelf life of your favourite baked breads.

The salt at Halen Môn is some of the very best in the world. After visiting the salt works and together with lots of research, The Sourdough School has developed a Halen Môn sea salt, in its most natural state.

Additionally, increased levels of Calcium Sulphate (CaSO4) & Calcium Carbonate (CaSO3) in the salt support both the yeast and lactic acid bacteria. These mineral react with the organic acids, produced during fermentation, to act as natural dough conditioner.


We generally recommend adding 2% salt to a dough mix (10g of salt per 500g of flour).

Sea salt contains many trace minerals that are essential to human health. This unprocessed salt is a simple effect way to add minerals to your bake and general diet.

Why choose
In the quest to create the best sourdough bread, Vanessa Kimbell visited and worked closely with Anglesey-based, Halen Môn to source the very best sea salt.

Together they developed a fine, unprocessed, and unrefined sea salt that will not fail to enrich your bread.

Halen Mon first started to refine salt, from the briny Anglesey waters, in 1997. The company has found a praised following amongst chefs, food-lovers and even Barack Obama!
Halen Môn

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Halen Môn Sea Salt for Sourdough Bread

Halen Môn Sea Salt, 100g


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