00 Flour

What is 00 flour?

00 flour is a name given to medium coarsity wheat flour, commonly milled in Italy. The ‘zero’ rating is used in reference to the coarseness of flour. A 0 rating denotes a coarse type, 00 indicates a medium coarseness and a single 0 is given to very fine flour. 00, or double zero, flour is commonly used for everyday baked goods.

What is 00 flour used for?

00 flour can be used in a variety of baked goods that include: bread, ciabatta, focaccia, pizza, pasta.

00 Characteristics

00 flour has a light and fine consistency. It’s pale in colour with a binding aesthetic. Unlike standard flour, 00 has a fairly high protein rating of 13%+. This lends itself particularly well to dough elasticity and bread form and structure.

  • 00 Strong Bread/Pizza Flour

    A fine, light Italian type 00 flour made from strong wheat kernels. Used for baking bread, brioches, buns, and pizza.

    • High in protein flour.
    • Light and fluffy crumb.
    • A clean and familiar taste.
    • Shipped from the UK.
    • Contains Gluten.
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  • 00 Flour - Blue - Molino Tirelli

    Blue label all-purpose 00 flour from Molino Tirelli. The flour is milled from a mix of fine Italian and European wheat.
    The flour contains a high protein content, providing high elasticity to long leavening doughs.

    The blue label 00 is suitable for bread-making, pastry and pizza.

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  • Speciale 00 flourSpeciale 00 flour used in pizza
    From: £2.40 / month and a £2.40 sign-up fee

    Speciale is a superb, super fine 00 flour for making the very best pizza at home. Our double zero, doppio zero or 00 flour, is a very fine and light Italian flour. It’s used to make pizza dough, pasta, and focaccias.

    • High in protein for super elastic dough.
    • Great for a slow rising pizza dough.
    • Creates a light and airy dough form.
    • Great taste and flavour.
    • Soft wheat & starch.


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