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  • 00 Pizza and Pasta Flour

    00 is the flour of choice for Italian-style pizzas and pasta. Due to its fine texture and high protein content, it provides great elasticity and airy dough forms when baked.

    In addition to pizzas and pasta, 00 flour can be used to make focaccia and other types of bread.

    Available in 1kg bags.

  • Speciale 00 flourSpeciale 00 flour used in pizza

    Speciale is a superb, super fine 00 flour for making the very best pizza at home. Our double zero, doppio zero or 00 flour, is a very fine and light Italian flour. It’s used to make pizza dough, pasta, and focaccias.

    • High in protein for super elastic dough.
    • Great for a slow rising pizza dough.
    • Creates a light and airy dough form.
    • Great taste and flavour.
    • Soft wheat & starch.


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