Cane Bannetons

What are cane bannetons?

Cane, or rattan, bannetons are used during bread proofing to hold and support expanding dough. A cane banneton is typically created with a coiled and wrapped piece of cane. Dough is placed into this form.

Different types of cane bannetons
A cane banneton tends to be round or oval in form. The grooves impress upon the expanding dough and help create a spiral pattern in the cooked bread loaf.
Cane is a popular banneton material. A number of other choices include pulp, wicker or plastic.

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  • Oval Cane BannetonOval Cane Banneton - side
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    Oval hand-made Bannetons to assist with dough proofing. The oval form helps to support the dough as it rises. The gentle grooves help to imprint the dough and add texture.

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Cane banneton being made by hand
Cane banneton being made by hand