Matthews Preserve

Matthew’s Preserved is a Nottingham based maker of fine tasting chutneys,  jams and jellies.

DeliverDeli currently stock a spicy mango chutney and spicy pineapple chutney.


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  • Matthews Preserve Spicy Mango ChutneyMatthews Preserve-spicy Mango Chutney Closeup
    £4.55 Exc. Tax

    Great Taste Logo 3 StarsMatthew’s Preserved Spicy Mango Chutney is collecting a cabinet of awards thanks to it’s commended taste. Argued as the best mango chutney ever tasted, is the perfect accompaniment to a curry dish.

    Accolades include:
    3 Star Great Taste Award (2020)

    A smooth mango chutney made with Indian spices and cayenne pepper.
    It’s sweet heat slowly develops with every single bite.

  • Matthews Preserve Spicy Pineapple ChutneyMatthews Preserve-spicy Pineapple Chutney Closeup

    Great Taste Logo 3 StarsThis Matthews pineapple chutney is a firm favourite of ours.

    The texture is beautifully balanced and the distinct pineapple taste bursts through each mouthful. A delicious triumph that will make you look out for anything that might accompany it.

    This smooth chutney combines the exotic sweetness of pineapple with spices of India.
    It packs flavour and punch with the heat coming through in each mouthful.

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