Waldner Grain Mills Warrantee / Guarantee

Waldner electric grain mills are covered under warrantee for a period of 8 years. Hand mills are covered for 5 years and flakers and commercial mills 2 years. This period starts on the date of purchase.

Misuse of the mill can cause injury.

Do not allow the mill to come into contact with water.

Repairs and spare parts must be undertaken by an authorised dealer.

Within said term all defects in materials or workmanship of the device will be covered. Replaced parts remain our property. The customer will be charged for transport of the device. Transport is at customer’s risk. Any damages during the transport have to be reported immediately to the carrier. Any further claims are excluded, in particular claims for recession, reduction in price or damages.

Excluded from the warranty are: Regular wear and tear (eg millstones), misuse (eg device not used properly), scarce care and cleaning, nonobservance of the user guide, damages during transport and droppage, also excluded are damages due to non corresponding power supply and also damages caused by unauthorized third parties.

Warranty services will be covered in the country of purchase. The warranty is solely valid if the device was purchased by our defined chain of distribution. For devices which were purchased in one European Union country and delivered to another European Union country the warranty services are subject to the country’s specific warranty conditions. There will be an obligation for warranty services just in case the device meets the technical requirements of the country in which the warranty service will be executed.